July 2022 Issue No. 10

The Monthly Brief

More words, words, words!!

The Queensland Premier

On 18 February 2022, the Premier and Minister for the Olympics announced a review into culture and accountability in the Queensland public sector. This independent review is being undertaken by Emeritus Professor Peter Coaldrake AO.

The aim of the review is to ensure the Queensland Government has a culture and accountability framework that:

  • is contemporary, fit for purpose and future-focused;
  • is effective in supporting an ethical public sector culture;
  • is underpinned by robust systems, including complaints mechanisms and training; and
  • maintains the public’s trust in the decisions of the Queensland government.

The review will be completed within four months and comprises an interim and final report. All reports will be publicly released. See Dept. of the Premier and Cabinet, 23 March 2022.

The “Let the sunshine in: Review of culture and accountability in the Queensland Public Sector, Final Report, June 2022” is the final report.

TTR was hoping that this review would shine light on the issues which have been identified in the Monthly Reports. TTR is disappointed in the result. TTR asks how such an important review can be expected to be done in the time allocated. Four months! Really!

Well, it can’t. More words, words, words. This is no criticism of the authors of the Report. The best in the time.

The Report looks at the system top down. There are good words such as “openness”, “idea of service”. The cause of such things as staff transfers resignations was not looked at. The only way to get reform is a ”bottom up” review with an amendment of the to Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 to give them proper protection. Does the Report look at the number of applications filed in the QIRC against bullying? No. That’s where the “rubber hits the road”! Unfortunately, TTR predicts that this Report will soon be forgotten.

Coaldrake Report

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Welcome to the tenth issue of The Tax Reformer.

TTR is delighted at the support received to date. Its correspondents across Australia attest to the value of its establishment. Now taxpayers and advisers have an avenue by which they can bring poorly drafted legislation and poor tax administration to open public attention without going through professional bodies. That is not to say the professional bodies don’t try hard. It’s simply a recognition that they are “commercially” limited in what they can say!

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