Tax Reform

Question: Who’s getting frustrated?

Siege mentality? “Just because they want it, doesn’t mean you have to go it to them” mentality?

The Monthly Reports of September and October featured cartoons with revenue officers atop a castle. Why? Well, TTR’s efforts to get innocuous copies of Taxation Consultative Committee (TCC) agendas and minutes have been rebuffed by the OSR. And this, notwithstanding that they are not confidential. And to provide them would guide taxpayers and self-assessors as to issues before the TCC, is in line with the recent Right to Information statement on the disclosure required of the OSR and indeed the TCC’s terms of reference. Is it that many of the issues raised by members have been “in consideration” mode for a long time?

Remember “client centric”. What a joke!

Answer: TTR is frustrated. Another Right to Information application (RTI) and another $52.60. Is this proper tax administration? Let TTR know your view.

Read the RTI application at the Right to Information tab.

Email TTR with your gripes!

In that way, we can all get benefits out of speaking in unity!