Right to Information application – TCC

RTI Ref: 272852

Which description most closely describes your application for access?

Some of the documents I’m applying for do not contain my personal information OR I’m acting on
someone’s behalf and some of the documents I’m applying for don’t contain that person’s personal
information – RTI Act application, application fee payable

Are you seeking access to information on someone’s behalf?


Are you seeking access for the use or benefit of another person, company or body (for example, a journalist applying for a media organisation)?


Which department are you applying to?

Queensland Treasury (Office of State Revenue)

Have you spoken to an RTI officer in the department about the information you seek?


Subject matter of the documents you are seeking:

The Taxation Consultative Committee (TCC) of the Office of State Revenue (OSR) was established many years ago. It operates regularly. Its members are drawn from the legal and accounting professions to discuss issues affecting the Queensland tax base, tax policy and tax administration. It provides Agenda to members and minutes of meetings. Its deliberations are not confidential. Those agendas and minutes are held by the Commissioner of State Revenue and minutes for the last 3 years.

The type of documents:

Agendas and minutes of the TCC.

The time period / date range you would like us to search within:


Relevant document reference numbers:


Where you think the documents may be located (e.g. Minister’s Office, facility, business area, unit, person):

Commissioner of State Revenue and/or Chief Revenue Counsel

Any other details you believe will assist us in dealing with your application:


Preferred access type:

Copy of documents