Rule of Law is a winner again!

OIC directs Queensland Treasury to release documents!

Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick

Another win also for The Tax Reformer (TTR) and open and accountable government.

Queensland Treasury has now been directed by the Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC) to release documents after a long series of correspondence.

Subscribers will recall that the TTR was denied access to Agendas and Minutes of the Taxation Consultative Committee of the Queensland Revenue Office on the grounds of s. 49 of the Right to Information Act (contrary to public interest). That plea was obviously wrong and the OIC agreed with the TTR.

This represents another win for The Tax Reformer: see the Special Issue for 22 June 2022.

Subscribers should go to the November 2022 Story for further discussion but particularly the heavily redacted documents which Queensland Treasury thought discharged its obligations.

Compare that to what has now been received by TTR!

This decision of the OIC limits the basis on which QT and QRO can refuse release of documents.