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Warning on ignoring the Rule of Law - May 2023

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Congratulations to Janet Albrechtsen and Stephen Rice for this warning!

The problem in Australia concerning the Rule of Law is that hardly anyone has ever heard about it, let alone to speak out for it. Give credit to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese for often quoting the necessity for it to be upheld. This is not some sort of “nice behaviour.” It is fundamental to our democracy.  And tell me, where do even law students learn about it? Surely it must be part of the LL.B. year 1.0. Universities don’t do any good for their students or society if the Rule of Law is not a fundamental course in that year, failure for which would see any student who failed being told to do it again!

Remember that the principles of the Rule of Law are part of Queensland legislative standards: see Legislative Standards Act 1992, section 4.

Universities and other institutions, community groups can get the assistance of the Rule of Law Education Centre:

“The Rule of Law Education Program encourages active participation by teaching Australian students about the rule of law.

A society that supports the rule of law is not one composed of uncritical and obedient citizens; rather it is one whose citizens understand and respect just laws, are aware of their function and know how to engage with them constructively and how to challenge them as needed, within the appropriate mechanisms and institutions.

– United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime”

(See https://www.ruleoflaw.org.au/education/)

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