Well! What a torment!TTR decided to get registered as a Self-Assessor for transfer duty. A self inflicted wound!

A cartoon depicting QRO throwing taxpayers into the deep end of a pool

After a number of goes with the QRO website playing up, several phone calls to the QRO, hanging on for long periods and having to listen to dreary music which would put anyone to sleep, TTR finally got the application through to the end of the process. But that’s not where it finished! TTR was told that the QRO Self-Assessor team would now look at the application. TTR would be told whether the application was approved or not. That would take anything up to 10 business days. So much for the registration.

TTR enquired what tuition was available to the new Self-Assessors for transfer duty. The answer, none. The newly registered Self – Assessor gets no tuition. TTR was referred to the QRO website and then to “Transfer duty self-assessors”. There one sees the heading “Find everything you need as a registered transfer duty self-assessor”. Wow! What a claim. Everything? The links speak for themselves: Guidelines, Toolkits, Interactive help and then the newly registered assessor can scroll down through “Businesses, trusts and investors”, “Insurance duty”, “Vehicle registration duty”, “Private rulings for duties”, “Public Rulings and Practice Directions”, “Payment Options” and “Definitions”. Oh! There is also form SA1 to interpret.

How on earth can a transfer duty Self-Assessor newly registered or not discharge their obligations with that information.

Remember that transfer duty under the Duties Act is not taught anywhere as part of a tax course or even a tax course in Queensland at least.

One then feels for the poor old Self – Assessor.

So! Please QRO! To understand the stresses taxpayers and tax practitioners are under, how about “you eat your own dog food”,(fn1) a phrase that refers to the internal use of a company’s own products or services in its day-to-day operations. If the product is good enough for consumers, it is good enough for its employees to use on the job.(fn2) In that way, one can understand what stresses not only Self-Assessors are under but also the community.

Again, a breach of the Rule of Law!

Fn1 Google search.

Fn2 Due credit to Paul Martiz; Google search.