What a joke! Why the secrecy QRO?

QRO Top Secret Meeting Minutes

The QRO clothes itself in a veneer of righteousness, openness and accountability to taxpayers while playing a quite different game. That veneer reposes in several sources.

Taxation Consultative Committee terms of reference state:

  • that the Chair will ensure that the committee operates in an accountable manner in adding value for revenue administration and taxpayers;
  • a response to an issue will be provided to the member, and may also be distributed to members of the member associations or published on an association website;
  • TCC members may communicate the outcomes of TCC meetings as recorded in the approved Minutes with the members of their associations via their usual communication channels.

QRO Charter states:

  • we will be accountable and act with integrity;
  • share with you the issues we are experiencing.
  • we will keep you informed of the progress of issues you have raised with us.

Public Service Code of Conduct states:

  • Community participation is crucial to the development of quality government planning and decision making processes.
  • We have a responsibility to consult with the public to assist in the development of public policy.
  • The public has a right to know the information that is created and used by the government on their behalf.

So, why then when TTR filed a RTI application for copies of the TCC Agendas and Minutes over a number of years, what was sent by QRO through the Office of Information Commissioner was the ludicrous redacted document below.

So, why the secrecy QRO?

The OIC is still considering TTR’s submissions. Subscribers will be updated on this important issue.