Wins by The Tax Reformer (TTR)

Rule of Law defeats Queensland Revenue Office (QRO)

Last 12 months in review

QRO's Castle Crumbling

Got the QRO Organisational Chart: QRO humiliated


Duties Act s. 124: QRO humiliated


Land Tax consultation debacle: Queensland Treasurer humiliated


Taxation Consultative Committee (TCC): QRO humiliated

As subscribers are aware, for too long revenue offices in the States and Territories of Australia have run their tax design and drafting and tax administration without any proper regard for the Rule of Law and the principles which underpin it, particularly open and accountable government.

QRO Castle Siege’s motto is “Ignore the Rule of Law, put all you can in the way of taxpayers getting hold of documents as part of open and accountable government, and just because a taxpayer wants clarification, such as a nationwide interpretation of goodwill, doesn’t mean you have to give it to them. In that way QRO can chop and change its practice to give tax policy the upper hand. Hide behind delay, disingenuousness and dissembling.”

TTR has achieved significant wins against this authoritarianism. But there are years of work to do. The revenue offices of the States and Territories will huddle together in the meantime hoping the TTR will go away. No way!

And if anyone says that TTR has come late to these critical issues for our democracy, kindly note that TTR has made several papers and presentations over the years, especially the presentation at the 2010 Commissioner’s Conference entitled “Revenue Offices in 2015 – A Business Perspective” which was not well received by the Commissioners!

After months of obfuscation, the TTR has now got the Agendas and Minutes of the TCC. TTR will go through these. What will they tell us about this aspect of QRO tax administration? Remember that the QRO view is to leave technical interpretation off the table and argue the policy.